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Kelvin Thong is an established realtor, who is recognised for his leadership qualities and deep knowledge on the real estate industry.

As a Leader of the TOP performing division in PropNex, Kelvin has helped many average performing agents to become platinum achievers in a short time span. This is largely attributed to his team’s sharing culture and synergy that is built on trust.

Kelvin has also managed to become one of the top salesperson in the industry in a short time frame. Throughout his real estate career, he has achieved more than 100 awards, from a TOP Producer to a TOP Leader.

Kelvin consistently does more than 50 transactions per year and produces an average of $500k per year.


I joined the real estate industry during the darkest period of my life and it changed my life...

This is why I believe that with the right techniques and system it is possible to succeed in this industry. I tasted the biggest failure in my life when I decided to venture out on my own and carve my own brand. In 2 years, I lost about $350K that included my savings. It was so bad that I had to borrow money from my average income parents.

The worst thing was that in the middle of my business failure, my wife became pregnant with my second child.

This became a wake up call. My business failure had caused me to take away everything from my kids. This means no more enrichment classes or holidays. My entire family had to rely on my wife’s monthly income and guilt haunted me daily.

Fortunately, I managed to get a job. But after about 8 months, I realized that my monthly income would never be able to recover the losses and debts I owe my parents. This was when I realized that had to do something different.

Upon my friend’s advice, I took the plunge and joined the real estate industry. This BOLD move took me a lot of guts because I was not sure I could even make ends meet with a “sales” job. To cut the long story short, becoming a real estate professional was one of the best decision I ever made.

In a short span of 4 months, I made 260k and returned all that I owed to my parents. I even upgraded from a 2-room to a 4-room condo!

Today, I am passionate in sharing my secrets of success with existing and aspiring real estate professionals who could be down or struggling because I have been through it.

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2nd Platinum Achievers
Top Associate Group Division Directors
2nd Top Producers
46th Top Producers in January


10th TOP Producer December 2016
2nd Top Commercial/Industrial Transactors December 2016
3rd Top Private Property Transactors November 2016
1st Champion Group Division Director Q3 2016
2nd TOP Producer Q3 2016
3rd TOP Project Sales Producer Q3 2016
9th TOP Producer October 2016
Platinum Achiever October 2016
4th TOP Producer September 2016
Platinum Achiever September 2016
3rd TOP Project Salespersons September 2016
11th TOP Producer August 2016
2nd TOP Producer July 2016
Platinum Achiever July 2016
2nd TOP Producer July 2016
1st Champion Group Division Director Q2 2016
28th TOP Producer Q2 2016
Platinum Achiever June 2016
26th TOP Producer May 2016
Platinum Achiever May 2016
3rd TOP Project Salesperson May 2016
1st Champion Group Division Director Q1 2016
32nd TOP Producer Q1 2016
39th TOP Producer April 2016
Platinum Achiever March 2016
2nd TOP Private Property Transactors March 2016
6th TOP Producer January 2016


1st Champion Platinum Achiever 2015
2nd TOP Branch Director 2015
23rd TOP Producer 2015
9th TOP Producer December 2015
Platinum Achiever December 2015
10th TOP Branch Director Q3 2015
40th TOP Producer October 2015
Platinum Achiever October 2015
1st TOP Project Salespersons October 2015
4th TOP Recruiter July 2015
6th TOP Branch Director Q2 2015
4th TOP Recruiter June 2015
4th TOP Branch Director Q1 2015
4th TOP Project Salespersons February 2015
5th TOP Recruiter February 2015
1st TOP Producer January 2015
5th TOP Recruiter January 2015
1st TOP Individual Producer January 2015
5 Years Ambassador 2015


1st TOP Producer August 2014
5th TOP Branch Director Q2 2014
14th TOP Producer Q1 2014
12th TOP Producer 2014
8th TOP Branch Director 2014
2nd TOP Producer December 2012
2nd TOP Producer Q3 2012
2nd TOP Producer August 2012
3rd TOP Producer July 2012
12th TOP Producer Q1 2012
4th TOP Producer January 2012
2nd TOP Producer 2012


Never give up in pursuing your dream.
You have the potential to succeed!!






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